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November 17, 2014

RIEtech Receives Award Among Top 100 Privately Held Companies in New Mexico for Third Consecutive Year


October 03, 2014

RIEtech Receives $2.2M Contract from Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems awarded RIEtech Global a $2.2M production contract to manufacture 56 electro-mechanical motion control systems for Northrop’s STARLite SAR/GMTI/DMTI radar system. RIEtech has been a key supplier to Northrop for the STARLite Small Tactical Radar since 2009 and has recently expanded its capabilities to developing advanced electro-optical systems in the ISR arena.


August 19, 2014

Devicor® Medical Products, Inc. has selected RIEtech Global to continue as the manufacturer of the Autoguide, a precise electro-mechanical needle positioner that is integral to the operation of the MammoTest™ biopsy system. RIEtech Global (formerly Sagebrush Technology) has manufactured the Autoguide Drive since production began in 1998 and the Autoguide in its entirety since 2002.

swir detector

July 15, 2014

As part of its expansion in EO capabilities, RIEtech will develop video processing electronics and demonstrate camera systems in the Q1 2015 time frame that support multi-function imaging. Our initial launch will feature a 640x512 SWIR imaging system that supports low light level passive and active imaging, multiple laser spot tracking, along with integrated laser ranging from a single camera. RIEtech’s approach is specifically aimed at addressing market shortfalls with existing camera solution providers and low light level visible imaging.

mwir detector

July 10, 2014

With its recent EO technology venture, RIEtech will soon be able to offer integrated motion control systems with wide area IR surveillance. RIEtech is currently developing camera solutions with integrated video processing that offer unique capabilities for real-time imaging and precision tracking applications. Our initial launch in early 2015 will incorporate one of the highest resolution MWIR detectors in the world, featuring a state-of-the-art 1920x1536 imaging array, 10um pixel pitch, and an all-digital readout circuit.


April 08, 2014

RIEtech Receives 2013 New Mexico Excellence Award from USIEC


March 13, 2014

RIEtech Featured in Albuquerque Economic Development Article: High-Precision Integrated Motion Control


January 10, 2014

RIEtech Featured in Albuquerque Business First Article: "RIEtech Aims at 'Target of Opportunity'"


January 03, 2014

RIEtech Featured in Albuquerque Business First Article: "This Tech Company Already Has Enough Orders to Break Even for 2014"


August 2013

RIEtech Receives Award Among Top 100 Privately Held Companies in New Mexico


June 7, 2013

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich Presents RIEtech Global with Export Achievement Award


April 23-25, 2013

RIEtech Exhibits at Expo Seguridad in Mexico City, Mexico


April 09-12, 2013

RIEtech Exhibits at LAAD Defense & Security International Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


March 25, 2013

RIEtech's Quality System Is Recertified to ISO 9001:2008 Standard

RIEtech's Business Management System (BMS) drives RIEtech culture, continual improvement, and quality monitoring. Our BMS has been certified under ISO 9001:2008 since March 2010.


October 22-24, 2012

RIEtech Exhibits at AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, DC


August 23, 2012

RIEtech Receives Award Among Top 100 Privately Held Companies in New Mexico


November 19, 2010

RIEtech Expands Manufacturing to Europe and North & South America through Strategic Alliance with Chess Dynamics


December 9, 2009

RIEtech Global, LLC Acquires Sagebrush Technology, Inc.


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