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Ideal for Camera, Antenna, or Instrument Positioning

The Model 20 pan and tilt gimbal is a general purpose system designed for payloads less than 20 pounds. The servo motor system is recommended for applications requiring high slew rates or positioning accuracy up to 0.01 degrees.

For applications requiring positioning accuracy up to 0.1 degrees and slew rates ranging from 10 to 60 degrees per second, we recommend the Model 20 Stepper.


  • 20 lb Payload Capacity
  • Dual Payload Shelves
  • 0.004° Positioning Resolution
  • Zero Backlash
  • Wide Angular Coverage
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Quiet Operation
  • 120°/Sec Slew Rates
  • 32 Programmable Presets
  • Several Mounting Options
  • RS-232/422 Communications
  • Balanced Payload
  • Weather Resistant
  • 24 Volt DC


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